Hoax Alert: McDonald's won't close 17,000 restaurants due to $15. Photo courtesy of Lead Stories - leadstories.com
94-year-old woman celebrates 44 years working at McDonald's - ABC News - go.com
OAP, 94, has been working at McDonald's for 44 years. Photo courtesy of the Sun - thesun.co.uk
94-Year-Old Working Woman Celebrates 44 Years at McDonald's. Photo courtesy of Woman's Day - womansday.com
Celebrating Miss Loraine's 44 years of service at the McDonald's - ABC News - go.com
McDonald's celebrates 94-year-old worker. Photo courtesy of Business Insider - businessinsider.com
People come to visit her behind the McDonald's counter. Photo courtesy of Go - go.com
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Photogallery - 94-year-old McDonald employee celebrates 44 years on the job