Dale Hawkey has spent the last three years of his life living in his basement out of sight of other people and ashamed of the bizarre and heartbreaking turn his health has taken. Hawkey, who lives in Mears, Michigan, claims that a strange medical condition has left him with the largest chest in the world.

He and his caregiver Nancy DeRose claim his chest consists of thick solid muscles. His large chest has become extremely painful and has forced him to wear a size 44L bra. In a test of both his strength and his character, he has decided to push his heartbreaking shame aside and speak to FOX 17 about the truck accident that ruined his life.

Truck accident to blame?

In the year 1999, Dale Hawkey got run over by a truck. He told a local news media the truck backed over top of him. After the accident, Dale was rushed to the hospital and his doctors inserted a piece of plastic into the man’s spine.

Hawkey and DeRose both believe the piece of plastic has shifted – and is continuing to shift and his chest grows every single time the piece of plastic shifts in his spine.

Doctors are clueless

All of the Dale Hawkey's doctors are baffled as to what could be causing his chest to grow.

For the sake of this man’s pride and his health, he wants medical experts to find answers.

Dale admits to spending the last three years of his life hiding from the world in his basement because he is ashamed of what the piece of plastic has done to him. He believes he has lost the last three years of his life to this truck accident. His caregiver confirmed that Hawkey's doctors have tested him for every single hormone that is currently known.

Per his medical records, he has a history of a slightly overactive thyroid, his pituitary hormones are a little on the high side, and his testosterone is a little low. All of his mammograms, however, have been negative. So, chances are pretty good the growth isn’t a tumor.

Endocrinologists who have seen the Michigan man believe the fatty breast tissue on his chest is continuing to increase. He and his caregiver, however, disagree with this conclusion as they believe his chest feels like muscle.

His caregiver has also confirmed that Hawkey has muscles on other parts of his body continuing to grow as well including his arms, neck, and even his upper back.

Suffering from this heartbreaking medical mystery, Hawkey says his body is solid and doctors can’t figure out what is going on. They also aren’t sure how to stop his muscles from continuing to grow. The mysterious medical condition has caused him to lose a lot of friends and family members and he claims to feel extremely self-conscious about himself.

Hawkey, his caregiver, and doctors have searched the internet and looked for anyone who has a similar story to his.

Unfortunately, they haven’t been able to find anything. At the moment, he is waiting for his next appointment.

While he does not expect doctors to find a cure to his heartbreaking medical mystery, he hopes there is something someone can do to slow it down. He is afraid his muscle growth will kill him if it continues.

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