Zedge is a free app that enables users to personalize their smartphone. Incredibly popular, it has already been installed on over 220 million phones thereby making it easier for the phone owners to express their personal tastes. Akin to Ringtone Maker, Ringdroid, and MTP Ringtones & Wallpaper, Zedge enables users to promote their interests and convey their feelings via an array of options for wallpapers, ringtones, widgets and so on. Zedge released several holiday-themed elements—such as “Winter Wonderland”—during the 2016 holiday season and they are currently gearing up to celebrate the New Year.


People interact with their phones throughout the day and Zedge has used this fact as a means of providing feature such as wallpapers, ringtones, additional sound effects, and widgets to celebrate holidays and every day. As 2017 approaches, the app offers décor and/or themes related to New Year’s—including giving users the option to hear “Auld Lang Signe” when certain people call or program firework graphics as wallpaper. Zedge holds the distinction of being one of the top twenty-five Customization-centric Apps in the iTunes and Google Play stores and has been downloaded by than 220 million times resulting in its ranking as a top ten popular free app in the iTunes Entertainment Category.


Zedge is unique is that their platform enables artists and other creative individuals to share their content for anyone to download. Hence, their platform offers an array of concepts and inspirations from contributors from across the globe. “In this day and age, almost everyone has a smartphone and people treat their phones as an extension of themselves that reflects their tastes and preferences,” said Tom Arnoy, Zedge co-founder and CEO.

“Zedge has become synonymous with smartphone personalization and we’re thrilled to deliver a fresh catalog of features to people across the globe. The bottom line is that your cellphone is your biggest accessory and it is fun to personalize it with your own interests.” In 2017, they hope the continue evolving their brand. Among the now-classic features that have remained popular are “Mom, Mom, Mom” ringtone and the “Ha Ha You Don’t Know My Password” lock screen.

As the year progresses, there will be additional features added to celebrate a wide spectrum of holidays; yet it all begins with the New Year’s Eve countdown on December 31.

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