Nick Viall has not always been lucky in love with appearances on “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelor in Paradise.” He was the runner-up on both Andi Dorman and Kaitlyn Bristowe’s seasons of “The Bachelorette.” Viall also found heartache on “Bachelor in Paradise.” Despite his past failures, Nick said yes when asked if he would consider being the new bachelor on the show. We will soon get the chance to watch him on his journey, hoping for love and engagement at the end.

Viall meets 30 great women, although five ladies are predicted forerunners in the competition

Viewers continue to wonder how Nick Viall can endure so much heartbreak on a love journey, but the bachelor believes that ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’ And he is back stronger than ever on ‘The Bachelor’ with high hopes of finally meeting that special someone.

Thirty beautiful, amazing women are waiting in the wings to meet the aspiring bachelor Nick, but Chris Harrison comprised a list of five gals he feels may stand out in the running.

Viall has commented that he is attracted to confident women that are independent, strong-willed and knows what she wants in love and life. Harrison predicts that these gals could fit the bill:

  • Raven Gates – She is a professional woman from a small town in Arkansas, running her own The 25-year-old is very sweet, friendly and sharp, often seen comforting Nick through the house drama.
  • Rachel Lindsay is a 31-year-old attorney from Dallas. She is a very strong-willed professional woman that is incredibly smart and charming. It seems many of the other women in the house feel intimidated by her. The fans will love her and root for her.
  • Elizabeth Sandoz actually met Nick at Jade and Tanner’s wedding when they had they had a secret Producers feel the 29-year-old may want to see through some “unfinished business” that started with the kiss but the secret will eventually seep out and cause some turmoil, a fallout, and more drama in the house.
  • Corrine Olympios is a young 24-year-old from Florida who runs her parents’ multimillion dollar company. Her business persona on the show indicates that she isn’t there to make friends but to find love. Harrison believes viewers will either love her like crazy or think she’s the devil with a take-charge attitude. Nick seems to respond to her quite well.
  • Alexis Waters is a vivacious 23-year old New Jersey gal who is an aspiring dolphin trainer. In fact, on day one she made a memorable entrance in a dolphin costume, fully committing to her dream while trying to make an impression on Nick.

All the gals are beautiful and hopeful of winning Viall’s heart at the end of this journey.

Time will tell who the lucky lady will be as “The Bachelor” airs on Monday nights beginning in January.

Nick remains hopeful he will find that special lady

If it were not for past disappointments in love, Viall would not be on this upcoming journey to meet 30 beautiful women in search of that special connection. He believes in being true to himself and putting himself out there, telling reporters that "Relative to my peers in the past, I'm probably a bit more unconventional and that might be a theme you will continue to see with me as the Bachelor.

I'm not afraid to play by my own rules and follow my heart and do what I think is best, regardless of majority opinion.” It will be interesting to see what the outcome will be as Nick continues his search to find love.

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