The StuffMyStockingWith hashtag has been trending on Twitter and many people are expressing what they really want for Christmas. Some of them are plain silly, hilarious and wishful thinking, but they give us a very good idea of what presents people really do want and some of these wishes are very practical.

Maybe your own present is not on there yet, but what a great way to let your family and friends know what really rocks you? Just join in the fun to see what your friends are talking about wanting to find in their stocking this year.

Gifts and presents are always a hard call so this is a useful trending hashtag.

Underwear stuffed in my stocking?

Incredibly, there are even people on Twitter who actually do want underwear in their stuffed stocking this year! That's an old one most people used to complain about - socks and underwear and like "yeah thanks very much and here is a thank you note!"

The most unselfish StuffMyStockingWith ideas

Other people are wishing nice things that certainly won't be in their Christmas Stocking but the motivation is good and maybe all their positive thoughts will come to fruition in the future of Planet Earth.

These tweets are simply nice examples of this.

And this one is also unselfish and all sorts of kind of cool:

The 'spiritual' side of stocking stuffing

These are quite funny but have a sort of spiritual side too.

They sound funny, but they also are deeply meaningful if you are hankering for this type of seasonal soother or boozer!

And why not totally de-stress if that blows your dress up?

Or maybe this one - but it would not be a good idea to write this in your note to Santa or if you are still at school - maybe don't drop a hint to Moma and Dad if you want to spend the holiday season in a tranquil state.

The best gifts a friend can give for Christmas

The best gifts which are easy to find and would seem to go down very well across a range of people's goodie bags on the fireplace seem to include things people can eat. It is the season of good cheer so ice cream and favorite candy are popular.

The sports lover best presents in a sock

Sports lovers have so many options. Most of these revolve around good trainers and tickets to the stadium.

These are actually very nice gifts to consider for your sporting family.

The most ambitious of all stocking gifts is -

Free wifi stuffed in a stocking

The themes, memes, and funny ones are quite often a bit but all I really want in my stocking is some free wifi so I can have fun looking to see what other people are posting in their #StuffMyStockingWith hashtags on Twitter.

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