SpacePOP is an animated YouTube series that uses music and strong leading female characters to promote messages of empowerment and creativity to young girls. In the fall of 2016, SpacePOP announced the release of a toy line based on the series, which aligns to the current trend of playthings related to “Girl Power” concepts. Yet, aside from merely selling toys, the SpacePOP franchise aims to do something bigger—connect to fans via a series of uplifting campaigns and giveaways promoted largely via social media.


Many toy companies—from Build & Imagine to LEGO—have decided to embrace the “girly” trend. For instance, Mattel has recently released a line of DC Super Hero Girls Action Dolls and Build-A-Bear is making waves with “The Honey Girls” which is their very first original line that features all female characters. Zing Toys—the creators of the gender-neutral Stikbots—have also designed bows and arrows in their Firetek line that are inspired by Katniss Everdeen of “The Hunger Games” and Merida from the movie “Brave.” The two newest offerings—the Firetek Zyclone and Firetek Crossbow—are prime examples of how girl power can mix with traditionally boy-centric dart blasters.

Likewise, Playmobil, classic toy company that primarily focuses on playsets, just released the “Furnished Children’s Hospital” which features a female surgeon, and the “Space Rocket with Launch Site” that contains a female space technician.

Aside from toys and new video games, animated series--like "Dora the Explorer" and "Doc McStuffins"--are also promoting strong and leading female roles. The SpacePOP product line includes dolls who image the show’s five main characters.

Yet, it's the overall message behind the brand that makes “SpacePOP” truly stand out. Connecting with fans and directly inspiring girls is a core mission of the franchise. In fact, SpacePOP hosts a weekly giveaway via their YouTube channel. Additionally, they are currently planning their “Galentine’s Day” campaign which will launch in February of 2017 and encourage girls to celebrate Valentine’s Day with friends instead of focusing on romantic relationships.

As part of the Galentine’s Day campaign, one lucky winner will be presented with a karaoke machine that comes pre-loaded with music and books from the SpacePOP series. A twelve-month subscription to Girl’s Life Magazine, dolls, games and makeup are among the other offered prizes.


Since launching their campaign initiatives earlier this year, SpacePOP has gained many more fans and increasing media attention. Henceforth, they plan to continue their campaigns well into 2017 and beyond. “Every giveaway gets more excitement than the one before,” said Melissa Kwechansky, Director, Marketing and Communications at Genius Brands International.

“Prize winners are always so excited, some even telling us that we’ve made their day! There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing the passion from our fans.” Noting that SpacePOP is all about girl power, friendship and love, the Galentine’s Day sweepstakes aims to celebrate friends as special people who are there for you in both good times and bad.

“We wanted to focus on celebrating that special bond,” Melissa Kwechansky explained. “We have found that even through our internet communities people can really come together in very friendly and supportive ways. For example, once a girl announced that it was her birthday and the community all rallied around to wish her a happy birthday.

There’s nothing better than building a community where everyone supports each other.” Embracing empowerment is something that the creators of SpacePOP whole-heartedly support and this is reflected in their strong-willed, brave, and action-focused heroines. “We are going to continue to expand upon what we have been doing,” Melissa added. Galentine’s Day is our first foray into large-scale onsite sweepstakes but it won’t be our last. Stay tuned, I’m sure there will be so many more to come.”

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