Do you get tired of sales associates bothering you while you are trying to shop in peace? Or do you need help from a salesperson and no one comes to help you? There is now an innovation to get salespeople to leave you alone when you are just looking or help you when you need assistance. A photo was shared on Reddit on Thursday of shopping baskets clearly indicating whether shoppers want to be helped or not.

Shopping baskets

The color-coded shopping baskets are not in stores in the United States yet.

They might eventually be available for shoppers in this nation, but now they are located only inside Innisfree. That's a Korean beauty store located throughout Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Customers there are finding the baskets to be quite helpful.

Green and orange signs

The shopping baskets with a green sign let salespeople know that shoppers don't need assistance. The shopping baskets with an orange sign let sales associates know customers need assistance. The innovation could pose a problem.

For instance, a person could choose a basket with a green sign and later decide that he really does need help. As long as they walk around the store with a basket with the green sign, sales associates have been instructed to leave them alone.

Another area of concern is that people might rush into the store and pick up any basket without noticing the green and orange signs. A third issue is that the type of basket a customer needs is not available because they are all being used by other shoppers.

Interesting innovation

Shoppers will have to get used to the idea of using the color-coded baskets. Even with a few minor kinks, it seems to be an interesting innovation and something shoppers like. Because more people are out shopping during the Christmas season, sales associates don't have to waste time going to all of them asking if they need help. They can merely look at the sign on the basket to know which ones need help and which ones would rather not be bothered.

What do you think about the idea of using a "don't bother me" basket and the one that screams, "I need help"?

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