SeaWorld Orlando is known for its holiday festivities, including the beloved “O Wondrous Night Show” that puts a new twist on the Christmas story and ends with a living nativity and “Winter Wonderland,” a breathtaking show that proves you can ice skate outdoors in Florida. The park’s animals get in on the celebration, too, with the orcas starring in “Shamu Christmas Miracles” and the sea lions strutting their stuff in “Clyde and Seamore’s Countdown to Christmas.” However, this year there are a few other critters getting in on the action, and you may recognize them from one of TV’s most beloved holiday specials.

Beloved Christmas friends come to life

If you’ve ever wanted to meet Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in person, you’ll get your chance at SeaWorld Orlando. He’s there with his girlfriend Clarice, and Yukon Cornelius and Bumble round out the fun. Be sure to visit them when you visit the park during the Christmas celebration, which runs nightly from December 16 to New Year’s Eve.

Special holiday light show at SeaWorld Orlando

In addition to the previously mentioned Christmas entertainment, you’ll find carolers and characters around the waterfront, along with shops selling an eclectic assortment of merchandise, games, and good things to eat.

Out on the water, you’ll see the Sea of Trees come alive several times a night, with a synchronized light show playing out to a holiday soundtrack. It’s a SeaWorld Orlando favorite with a new spin in the form of a 50-foot tree added for 2016. You can see the full show in the video below:

A busy day at SeaWorld Orlando

All of the Christmas shows and activities are included with your SeaWorld Orlando admission ticket.

Get to the park at opening time because you still need to fit in the regular shows and rides, including the brand-new Mako roller coaster, into your busy day. Grab a show schedule as soon as you arrive and plot out your agenda for the daytime hours and the evening holiday fun. For a summary of everything that's in store for you, check out the video below:

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