Florida - All the Christmas plans that Americans have this holiday season, Donald Trump has special plans. The president-elect will spend his Christmas in Mar-a-Lago. He could go anywhere he wants, but he chose this location for a special reason.

According to the Miami Herold, he will head to his Palm Beach estate Friday night. Yet he will not only spend the holidays with family, he will also give special thanks to Palm Beach. Trump had many votes out of the Palm beach area, as well as, all over Florida.

But mainly, he will be spending much awaited time with his family.

Throughout the campaign

All throughout his campaign, Donald Trump has been hot on the trail. Now the president-elect will spend Christmas and New years relaxing. According to experts, Mar-a-Lago will serve as a "winter white house" during his term. "Mar-a-Lago residents will welcome him each year with open arms says the Mayer."

However, much of the transition has happened at his home in Manhatten NY. Trump and family are ready for the change of scenery, according to Trump's team spokesman, Jason Miller.

"He is ready for some RNR," they say. And it will be much needed.

Special security detail

According to the coast guard, the Atlantic region of the area will be on high security by the coast guard. Coast Guard spokesman Eric Woodall said Trump was going to the area, but would not confirm dates. All he would confirm is that there would receive tightened security in the area. Yet, what can we expect for a place hosting the president-elect?

According to the coast guard, many boats will get stopped and checked as long as the Trump family was in the area. According to Fox, Trump spends every Christmas there. When New York dropped below freezing, Trump heads "south for the winter."

Will he continue his work?

It is unclear whether he will be working still. Yet he surprised many Americans when he worked through Thanksgiving on the Carrier deal.

According to Trump's tweet, he spent the whole holiday making sure he saved over 1,000 jobs.

According to Trump, we can expect more where that came from. So if he works through Christmas, or takes Christmas off, the office awaits him what the holidays become expired. On behalf of Blasting News, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and happy new year.

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