Season 11 of “The Voice” presented some great talent this year, as they often do, making it harder to vote some amazing people off the show as the week's pass. The remaining four contestants for the upcoming finale are proof that the best of the best remain. Out of such talent, the question remains, who will walk away with the prize?

The coaches and their final four

Miley Cyrus no longer has an artist in the competition, but Alicia Keyes still has Wé McDonald, Blake Shelton has Sundance Head, and Adam Levine is fortunate to have two of the final four, Billy Gilman and Josh Gallagher.

These lucky contestants are all vying for the grand prize which is a recording contract.

Here’s how the final four made their mark to get this far;

  • McDonald – From her high-pitched speaking voice to her strong singing voice, this young lady has blown all the coaches away. To get into the top four, Wé won a battle round against Courtney Ramirez and Lauren Diaz. The seventeen-year-old developed quite a following with performances of hits by Rihanna; Hozier’s Take Me to Church and Billie Holiday’s God Bless the child.
  • Sundance Head – Blake and Adam turned their chairs immediately during the blind auditions when hearing Sundance Head’s soulful sound of Otis Redding’s I've Been Loving You Too Long. The man that sports a long braided beard is a Houston native. He took down Gallagher during knockout rounds with his version of Cyrus’ 2009 hit “The Climb.” He also sang Keys hit, “No One” by putting a country twist on it. Head competed on season six of American Idol in addition to the current season of ‘The Voice’ and seems to have quite a following.
  • Josh Gallagher – Gallagher was formerly a college jock who set his goals on pursuing music. He immediately caught the attention of both Keyes and Shelton during the blind auditions. After knockouts with Head, Levine stole the singer for his team, and now he is one of the top four
  • Billy Gilman – Billy was a young country artist and came to ‘The Voice’ for a chance to stand out and show his talent, which he did in a big way. He consistently delivered vigorous and powerful performances every time, with Levine as his coach. He made it to the final four while beating Andrew DeMuro in the battle rounds and Ponciano Seoane in the knockouts.

Who of the final four will take the prize?

With such incredible talent in all final four contestants, it is going to be a tight finish for the prize.

So, who do the prediction experts believe will come out ahead and get the recording contract? With regular outstanding performances from day one, it appears that former child star Billy Gilman is a favourite as a forerunner to the prize recording contract.

The prediction is that the odds are 8/11 for Gilman, 5/1 for McDonald, 13/2 for Head and 17/2 for Gallagher. Although Gilman takes the lead in followers for his incredible talent, McDonald quickly gained support from young, predominantly female Voice fans.

She is the only woman of the top four left, which could trigger an upset in the voting.

Head may have a slight chance for victory and Gallagher seems to trail as a long shot who barely made it to the top four. Predictions are the result of “Gold Derby” users and favourite picks by “Hollywood Life” readers. Watch the finals and see for yourself who will be crowned a champ on December 13. It will be a “sit on the edge of your seat” performance.

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