Can you connect to the thoughts of endless hunger and the midnight cravings? Do you opt to consume a tub of ice cream or grab fast food on the fly while you are bored during your free time?

Obesity may be a brain illness that intensifies in individuals with foods high in fat and sugar. Consuming fats and sugar blocks the operation of the hippocampus region of an individual`s brain, hindering from their reasoning the memories of when their stomach felt occupied.

Healthy eating habits

Conversely, people who eat healthily are less likely to become involved in unhealthy snacks and sweet cravings since their fresher brain memories get a sense of satisfaction derived from analyzing what they consume.

Research by Macquarie University noted that a Western diet high in sugary, and fatty junk foods lure people to indulge in great portions of meals and are found frequently craving foods since they “forget to stop eating.”

“Even though they were not hungry, they still felt compelled to consume fatty junk food and sweets. Interestingly, this behavior was directly connected to their results on the memory task as well as learning, indicating that there is a connection between the duo through the hippocampus,” according to Tuki Attuquayefio, of Macquarie University.

New Year`s resolution on Western diet

Two types of individuals were examined during the research: those whose foods primarily consisted of sugary and junk food items and the individuals who mostly consume vegetables and fruits.

It was observed that when it comes to eating habit, individuals with a Western diet had a major challenge of avoiding snacks, as well as the food aroma influence them crave for another one even after a meal.

America`s obesity nightmare reflects limited chances of going down anytime soon but could impact a lot of dangers for the overweight.

Grownups who are overweight are recognized to be at greater trouble acquiring diseases including heart problems, Alzheimer`s, dementia and even high cholesterol. A different research further noted that in comparison to individuals who maintained a standard weight, overweight people are considered less intelligent.

It is, therefore, advisable that one retain a balanced healthy diet and tries to consume as many vegetables and fruits as they can in their everyday meals. Fats and sugar are no excuse and should be limited and only be incorporated as a treat every so often if one wants to be most productive and remain healthy. Therefore, apart from wishing you a prosperous 2017, one of your new year's resolutions should be incorporating healthy eating habits into your daily life.

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