Mall of America has a huge Christmas event each year. There are several santa's helpers that fly in from the North Pole to lend a hand. Each one is there to help Ol' Saint Nick make sure every child gets a chance to whisper in Santa's ear their dream for Christmas morning.

When Landon Luther, owner of Santa's Experience, met Larry Jefferson earlier this year he knew right away he wanted him to join the Mall of America team this Christmas. Larry proudly accepted the opportunity and flew in to Minnesota for his four day stint .

Of course there is a lot of publicity as there has never before been a Santa of color. He humbly points out to the media that he is just one of many Father Christmas's helpers. For Larry it is about the children and not the publicity he is receiving.

Santa Larry is a merry ol' soul

According to, Larry has said that all children are just innocent and excited to see Saint Nick. Him being African-American hasn't been an issue for white children who have always sat on the knee of a white Santa.

It has, however, been a positive experience for children of color -- having the opportunity to sit on the lap of someone that "looks more like them" that they can easily identify with.

Racist chatter doesn't matter

There are always nay-sayers and racists that have to try and taint beautiful stories like this. So far they have been insignificant and of no consequence. Santa Larry's popularity tells the story.

At this point parents are having to schedule an appointment online in order to get a picture with him.

As Larry himself pointed out, a mall Father Christmas being of any race but white isn't new. It is the size of the mall and the huge Santa Experience that makes this story unique. The mall has been around for 24 years and has just now crossed the line to racial diversity in this area. America is a melting pot and our population is made up of color -- lots of color.

It is time to have more St. Nick's Helpers of color to adequately reflect our population.

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