Whitney Roberts Logan sent out Christmas cards last year that did not get as much attention as her Christmas card this year, even though she felt merrier last year. So, what is the difference between the card of last year and the card of this year?

The Kansas psychotherapist and mother decided to do something different this year because of half a million Syrians killed earlier this year, and because of the way President-elect Donald Trump compared Syrian refugees to Skittles. With such a divisive election among other bad things, Logan was led to express her feelings through this year's Christmas card that has gone viral because of a sentence she wrote on it.

This year's Christmas card

The 33-year-old psychotherapist did not sugarcoat what has been happening in our nation. She addressed current events in her 2016 Christmas card. Logan wrote, "This Christmas season we would like to remind everyone that Jesus was a Middle Eastern refugee." Then she posted it on her Facebook page on December 11 with a longer message. She suggested ways to help the nation heal from a lot of bad things that have happened during this year.

The unique Christmas card has over 180,000 comments. Logan believes her card has gained so much attention because it reminds people that Jesus was a refugee. The biblical Christmas story clearly states that the parents of Jesus were warned to take the baby to Egypt to escape King Herod who had threatened to kill all boy babies up to two-years-old.

That made them refugees. Logan studied religion in college so she can be trusted to know what she is talking about. Some Christians and Bible scholars also know this story, but many fail to make the connection like this mother did.

Logan explains her card

Because of so many bad things that have happened this year, Logan said she couldn't bring herself to write the usual words such as "Wishing you a blessed season and a happy new year!" She wanted to remind people of the actual message of Christmas.

Logan hopes that her Christmas card will not go viral in vain. She is hoping that it will bring awareness to the crisis in Aleppo, and that people will feel inspired to donate to relief organizations to help the Syrians.

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