Teething is a painful process most commonly associated with babies. The dental market is packed with products that ease the pain of teething for little ones yet adults also teethe—namely, when wisdom Teeth come through. Wisdom teeth are four teeth located at the back corners of one’s mouth that typically come through in a person’s late teens or early twenties. The process of getting wisdom teeth can be extremely painful but, unlike babies, there are no currently products that specifically aim to combat the discomfort of wisdom teething. While certain numbing creams might help to dull nerves, a newly invented product called the “EZ Teether” was created to combat wisdom tooth woes.

Jeevan Boyal, a British twenty-two year-old fourth year dental student, developed the product after going through the agony of getting his wisdom teeth. While the “EZ Teether” is currently only available through website orders in the United Kingdom, Jeevan aims to launch it on the global market in 2017. Recently, he discussed the process of inventing the EZ Teether.


Blasting News (BN): When did you decide to invent the EZ Teether for adults? How did you select the name?

Jeevan Boyal (JB): Having had my own wisdom teeth come through at the age of 19, I realized there was little in the way of relief from the agonizing pain. Being a dental student, I was well placed to explore the current options available and I felt there was nothing adequate to reduce my pain.

One day, I noticed a baby in a stroller who was chewing on a teether. That’s what inspired me to make the EZ Teether for adults. Cutting wisdom teething is far from easy, with discomfort and pain characteristic of the process. Therefore, I chose the name EZ Teether, as I want to make the whole process of wisdom teething easier and more bearable.

BN: What was the invention process like? How long did it take to develop from concept to market?

JB: The invention process initially involved me taking my inspiration of a baby teether and adapting it for adults. With the wisdom teeth at the back of the mouth I consulted my dental textbooks using the average angle and length of the jaw to design the EZ teether was the correct size without initiating the gag reflex and ensuring comfort during use.

We then went through a process to determine the correct rubber to use; much like Goldilocks we had rubber that was too hard or too soft, but now we have struck an elasticity that is just right to massage the gums. This whole process has taken around two years.

BN: Where is the product available?

JB: Currently, it can only be ordered in the UK through our website. We are expanding sales to the rest of the world in 2017. It only costs about ten dollars, so it’s very affordable.


BN: You are studying to be a dentist. Do you plan on inventing other dental products over the course of your career?

JB: Yes, I hope so. Dentistry is a profession that I love, and being able to help people is what inspired me to enter the profession.

Through the EZ teether and further products I hope I can help more than just those who are under my immediate care.

BN: Although it is still in its early stages, what have you enjoyed most about working on this product project?

JB: I think to isolate a single most rewarding aspect of the EZ teether is very difficult. Receiving the first appearance model and being able to hold and use what was initially an idea as a physical product was a special moment. Another highlight has been the feedback I have received about the EZ teether making me realize its potential and widespread need for this item and future models.

BN: Where do you hope you will be in your career in ten years?

JB: My ambition is for the EZ teether to be synonymous with wisdom pain relief worldwide.

I hope to have taken on investment to develop a range of associated products that I have in the pipeline and of course to have graduated and be working as a dentist.

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