Online shopping is an easy way to acquire gifts but a brand-new website called “Buy Gift Save” (BGS) seeks to give kids the ultimate present: a financially secure future. The ecommerce site was designed by husband-and-wife team Inna and Met Zade. The concept is simple: a person is invited to an event and provided with a link to access a wish list for the party’s honoree. The guest selects a gift budget of a certain amount such as $30 or $50 and then views the wish list. If the perfect toy or game is only $19.99 the extra—unspent—money from the gift amount goes into the receiver’s bank account as a monetary secondary present.

Although the website offers gift cards, there are no extravagant items offered since the goal is not to promote spending money, but to save it. Moreover, Buy Gift Save donates toys to the Toy Industry Foundation (TIF), a charity that has presents over 100 million toys to more than 18 million children. Inna Zade discussed her experiences co-founding the company.


Blasting News (BN): What inspired the establishment of this company?

Inna Zade (IZ): The concept was born when our second son was born in 2013.

Having a two-year-old and a newborn we began to see an abundance of the same toys. The kids played with the boxes instead. We understood that gift givers would still want to give a physical gift, but did it have to cost $25.00 plus? Or could it be a small ticket item and the remaining planned balance could get deposited into the child's savings account? Kids and education are expensive. We think that saving for the child's long term future is much more vital than having seven Barbies that are almost identical or five Lego sets.

Even if it’s just a few dollars that gets deposited with every gift, it will go a long way.

BN: The main goal is to help kids save money for the future. Why is this message important to you?

IZ: Having three children ourselves we understand how important it is to teach them from a young age to save. Cost of living and education is going up in astronomical numbers and it’s important to prepare children and also help them save.

Behavior which is taught from a young age and consistently reinforced have a higher chance of becoming a way of life. We all want our children to be well balanced individuals.

BN: How many people currently use the site?

IZ: The site just launched but we are getting a lot of love on social media and slowly but surely building a strong customer base.


BN: How can you offer big things like Disney trips?

IZ: We offer small ticket numbers that parents can add to the gift registry. The parents also have an option to add crowd gifts to the gift registry. How that works is this: let’s say that the child wants to go to Disney.

The parents would write a small description saying "Sally really wants to go to Disney this year" and they can also upload a pic of Disney or the child with a Disney character, and then input the cost of the Disney trip. Now when guests receive the invitation to the event, they can choose to contribute to the crowd gift. We do not purchase the vacation, it is simply allowing the parents to control what they want to allocate for a particularly larger ticket item. The money which is contributed for the crowd gift would still go into the same bank account which is linked to the event.

BN: What do you most enjoy about this company?

IZ: Helping parents. This site eliminates the uncomfortable conversations and makes it easy for the gift givers as well. No guesswork, no unwanted gifts, and an ability to save for the child's future.

BN: What advice would you give to aspiring website entrepreneurs?

IZ: It is a lot of work, sleepless nights, and heart. Get ready for the biggest challenge of your life but the reward is so great when you actually see your vision come to life! We encourage all parents to create an account because they have nothing to lose and money to gain for their child's future. Plus, we have a few giveaways planned for 2017!

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