The question of how #consciousness originates from the brain has been asked since the very beginning of science and philosophy. Before people knew that neurons exist, they believed that the brain is the origin of consciousness and cognitive abilities

The traditional view

For decades, people have always claimed that how the neurons inside the brain process information defines how conscious we are, it’s also accepted that half of our brain is responsible for creativity and art and the other half is responsible for logic and language, and if we lose one half we will accordingly lose the abilities associated with it.

This is considered accepted in neuroscience for many years now.

Interesting experiments

New experiments have been conducted: interestingly, doctors ‘’turn off’’ one half of the patient’s brain for some medical reason. This medical procedure is called Hemispherectomy.

In such experiments, many things happen, but surprisingly ‘’many’’ cases have been reported to be completely normal with no loss of memory, personality, or intelligence. In 2004, a study titled ‘’ The Cognitive Outcome of Hemispherectomy in 71 Children’’ showed such cases reported several times.

More challenge

A study published in 2007 titled ‘’ Brain of a white-collar worker’’ has found a man with most of his brain (right and left) not functioning, while the man is completely normal.

This finding is even more challenging to the traditional view and clearly shows that the brain is much more mysterious and interesting than previously thought and maybe other theories for consciousness may turn out to be valid in the future.

It is possible that the assumption that has been held for many years that the brain depends crucially on a fully developed brain is flawed. It is also possible that one of the wild theories for consciousness, like the Quantum mind theories, could turn out to be valid.

Right now, science is not capable of discovering the true nature of consciousness, but maybe in the near future we will have a better picture about the nature of our consciousness.

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