It certainly can be difficult to feign joy around Christmas time when faced with worrying about how will you be able to pay bills and provide for your family. Thousands across the nation eke out a living by working in manufacturing plants. Truthfully, there is often a red flag that sometimes pops up during the summer, and culminates in the winter. You recognize it when all of a sudden, many factories will start laying off employees when the weather is warm and there is a need to complete rush orders which require employees to work overtime.

Naturally, the average worker is ecstatic about the extra earnings. But, by the time late fall or early winter rolls around, even more layoffs often occur just before Christmas. Of course, this is not always the case, but it happens more often than not.

Planes, trains and automobiles

Well, maybe not trains, but Boeing and General Motors have had to put a damper on some Christmas spirits lately. On Monday, after having already fired thousands due to a crumbling demand for jumbo jets, Boeing told workers that more jobs will be cut.

The multi-national corporation cited relentless competition from rival Airbus as the reason. Nevertheless, even Airbus informed its labor union last month that they will be cutting approximately 1,200 jobs. On that same day, General Motors announced they will be laying off 1,300 employees at the Detroit plant. In addition to those lost jobs, 2,000 GM workers had already lost their employment.

Living from paycheck to paycheck, to no check

After putting 10,000 employees out of work last fall, the equipment giant Caterpillar announced last week that they will be issuing out more rounds of pink slips. On the verge of gutting stores, The limited clothing store warned all 248 employees at the Ohio home office that their jobs were on the line.

May the future be bright

So many people are looking at a forecast of a blue Christmas rather than a merry one this year.

Hopefully, things will turn around soon and next year the Grinch will be banished for good.

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