Hatchimals are the "must have" toy for the 2016 holiday season and they are hard to find today. Some folks who had the foresight to see this craze coming scooped these toys up. Today they are getting rich selling them at huge inflated prices online.

Trying to get your hands on these Hatchimals mirrors the past holiday toy crazes. Toys like the Cabbage Patch Dolls, Tickle Me Elmo, Furby and the Zhu-Zhu Pets were the "must have" toys of the past that were hard to find.

Small toy-big, big price!

This toy is selling online for as much as $4,000, according to the Gazette Review. "Fox and Friends" live on Thursday morning reports that the top asking price online for the Hatchimals is $4,400.

Back in October Walmart sold the exclusive Spin Master Hatchimal for $50, which is a far cry from thousands of dollars online. Today Walmart is offering this toy bird in an egg on their website through a third party for $599.97, according to the International Business Times.

Bird Hatches from an egg

So what is all the hoopla about? You have to admit the concept is quite original, creative and because it comes with a bit of suspense and mystery, this is a toy kids want. The animated stuffed bird comes in a solid egg, one that has no way of opening unless it hatches. To hatch a bird it takes about 25-minutes, which is demonstrated by a very patient dad in the video below.

Once you get your Hatchimal home you have to hatch it to play with it and that entails rubbing the egg, burping the egg and cuddling the egg.

Lights shine from inside the egg, which comes from the bird's eyes. When they turn into a rainbow of colors the hatching process begins.

What is going on inside the egg is that the bird's nose is making quick jabs against the shell of the egg, knocking out pieces of the shell just like it happens in nature.

This bird continues to turn inside the egg making these jabs until the top of the egg separates and the bird is hatched.


The stuffed animal inside is interactive and it comes with instructions about the different noises the bird makes and what those noises mean. These Hatchimals come in five different species, the Draggles, Pengualas, Owlicorns, Bearakeet, and Burtles.

Within the species there are many different colors and designs, so you don't know what your Hatchimal will look like until it comes out of the egg!

To make matters even more confusing for the parent who is trying to get a hold of one of these toys, only certain stores sell certain species. This makes the task of hunting the Hatchimals even harder especially if your child is asking for a specific species. They are sold at many stores, but Walmart and Target have exclusive species of their own that you can't buy anywhere else.

Where to buy Hatchimals?

According to the Gazette Review, your best chance of getting a hold of one of these Hatchimals is on Amazon, but as soon as they put the stock up for sale it is quickly sold out.

Amazon will send you a message when the toy becomes available once you sign up for that notice. Depending on how badly you want to get a hold of one of this year's top toys, you'll keep an eye out for that notice. The prices vary greatly on Amazon today for Hatchimals.

Forbes suggests to call around to stores like Walmart, Target, Kmart, Kohl's and Toys R Us. The retail price of $50 to $60 typically won't inflate at these big name stores when the toy is in demand. Some stores like Barnes & Noble (in certain locations) have started a wait list for customers wanting a Hatchimal. If a shipment comes in, you will be notified.

Buyer beware!

Last and probably least, you can break down and spend the horrendous price of hundreds or even thousands of dollars these toys are offered for online.

Be aware of who you are buying the toy from, there are many scam artists out there who will take advantage of many unsuspecting parents who are in dire need of getting one of these Hatchimals for their kids. So buy from a reputable source, warns The Independent.

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