Footaction clues people in South Florida to "cuffing season"-- a phenomenon only in Northern cities with their new edition of footaction Free Flow, where Iman Shumpert and his girlfriend Teyana Taylor improve the wardrobes of three gentlemen who tell sad stories of bad cuffing dates. "Cuffing season" is, as defined by Urban Dictionary, a time between the start of Fall and through Winter where males and females are more susceptible to loneliness and are going out looking to be (hand) cuffed to someone that will make the cold bearable.

A funny article on "Cuffing" season by the Huffington Post eludes to the fact that after the season is over and the spring comes around, the cuffs come off and the mates go their separate ways looking for others.

Retailer helps with style development

Footaction helps customers by offering some the best in apparel at their stores, but they also take the "extra step" to help customers with their style development by partnering with artists in video documentary series like "Style Means" and "Footaction: Free Flow." In the Footaction Free Flow docuseries, customers have the opportunity to see artists as the regular people they are and understand their approach towards choosing wardrobe pieces, but also living their lives.

These bad cuffing confessionals were told by men under false pretenses by Nessa from New York's Hot97 before their Holiday concert. One guy put on skinny jeans for a night out when he had no business wearing them, and another guy got caught between a date and looking for new sneakers, where he made her wait three hours for the date.

Confessionals were telling of bad style choices

The worst of the confessional stories has to be where a man was caught between his manners and his bowel movements which caused him to pick the former and damage his pants in an unhygenic way.

As they all came out of the confessional booth, they were surprised by Shumpert, Taylor, and Nessa, and brought to the wardrobe chamber nearby. Shumpert and Taylor jokingly told all the men to be quiet as they had selections given to them to try on without any say over the pieces (because of their poor style choices). Shumpert and Taylor were making them feel comfortable, and as they picked out their wardrobe, each man had a smile on their faces with their new pieces.

Each of them felt great and went back to getting ready to enjoy the Hot 97 concert.

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