Swirling black lines, etched yellow pigment, red circles, cobalt blue entwined with white and brown…these are just some of the colorful elements present in the stunning steel-mounted abstract artwork by Sabine Joost Boehle. Despite her immense talent, Sabine did not discover her flair for the arts until she was in her early twenties. “While studying hotel management in Germany it was my way to unwind and dive into the world of colors,” she explained and noted that she experimented with mediums from acrylics to pastels to cut-outs. Abstraction and geometrical styles were her strongest influences.

Despite her joy of artwork, Sabine waited until her children were grown to take on art full time when she was in her forties. Now in her mid-fifties, Sabine is a full-time Artist who lives and works in New York. In 2016, she was granted a solo show at the Piermont Fine Arts Gallery.


Sabine’s artwork is bright, lively, and is reminiscent of both movement and imagination. Her favorite artistic influences include Lyubov Popova, Jörg Immendorf, Ellsworth Kelly, Agnes Martin, Helen Frankenthaler and Pollock's later works, among others. “My influence probably came from growing up in Germany during a time of pop music and discos and being surrounded by bright, strong and energetic colors,” Sabine declared.

“Getting my art shown was just a matter of asking around at various venues; that’s how I found out about the Piermont Fine Arts Gallery which is a co-op gallery that feature nineteen artists that work in various mediums. Each annual cycle includes several small shows and one three-week solo show.

It’s great being associated with them.”


Sabine works mostly with glass, aluminum, plexi glass, and wood which she covers with various kinds of paints including oil, acrylic, enamel and even inks and resins. Recently, she started to paint on furniture—such as small tables—that have enabled her to transform these functional objects into sculptural decorations.

“I simply like to explore with all different materials,” Sabine said. “Unfortunately, I have too many and this can get in the way of 'letting go'. Still a process I have a hard time with. They are all my babies and I need to know they find a loving home. But my absolute favorite piece would be 'Love at first sight...and second...and third'. I still remember every step of the making and the joy it brought me after it got finished! It’s also fun to eavesdrop during exhibitions and listen to the impact my pieces have on people, weather they love it or hate it.”


At present, Sabine is planning yet another show at the Piermont Fine Arts Gallery; the exhibition will run from February 2 to February 19, 2017.

“It’s wonderful to make art,” Sabine proclaimed. “I know it sounds so cliche, but I strongly encourage fledgling artists to follow their passion! Don't let others discourage you. Put yourself out there, meet other artists, exchange your experiences, and realize that you are not alone. It is perfectly okay to feel highs and lows.”

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