Christmas is just six days away, and with that, the deadline for holiday shopping is fast approaching. While kids believe presents magically appear under the tree, adults know that a trip to the store or an "Add to Cart" option online are the real ways to get gifts, which can't always happen instantaneously. These are the deadlines holiday shoppers need to keep in mind.

Online retailers vary greatly

Many retailers who have online shopping options have many different shipping options, leading purchase deadlines for the holidays to vary greatly. For instance, an ever-popular Amazon purchase would need to be made today (December 19) to arrive before Christmas through standard shipping, December 22 for two-day shipping, and December 23 for one day shipping.

Meanwhile, many stores offer free shipping options for the holidays if you adhere to shopping online and making a purchase by a certain deadline. Best Buy is granting free two-day shipping through December 20. Bed Bath and Beyond will give free shipping on Christmas orders through Monday night if they total over $29. Toys 'R' Us will also do free shipping through Monday night, while Walmart will do free two-day shipping on select items.

To learn more about Christmas shopping deadlines from your favorite retailer, check the store's website.

Shipping services help last-second shoppers

There are three main shipping services in the country for holiday shopping, and each have later deadlines than most online retailers, allowing late Christmas shoppers to get their presents just in time.

If using the U.S. Postal Service, the last day to make it before Christmas using First-Class Mail is Tuesday. There are options for getting in shopping purchases through Friday, though. The deadline for FedEx is approximately the same, though there will be a large charge for deliveries being made on Christmas Eve.

Additionally, UPS has a Saturday delivery option that can come in handy for holiday shoppers.

If you haven't done your Christmas shopping yet, now is the time to make those last minute purchases.

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