Warm up beforehand

Before braving the bitter cold of the winter season, Doug Herron, director of The Alaska Running Academy, recommends warming up in your home before going outside. This can be done by putting on several layers or your #winter jacket and staying inside for at least 20 to 30 minutes. By doing so, the heat generated from being inside will already be stored within your layers by the time you go outside. This makes the heat you've stored leave your body at a much slower rate and keeps you warmer longer.

Eat and drink beforehand

Holistic nutritionist Heather Nicholds puts emphasis on the importance of eating and drinking particular things to stay warm this winter season.

Foods such as soups and broth meals not only warm the body quickly, but also encourage digestion, which heats the body. The same can be said for warm beverages such as hot tea, cocoa, and apple cider. One of the most important things that you must drink during the winter season is water in order to avoid dehydration. Nicholas states: “water is important for hydration and food digestion. In winter it is common to experience dehydration because there is less humidity which has a drying effect on the body.”

If you’re a person who frequently drinks water, it’s also important to not drink it when it’s ice #Cold. Doing so lowers you internal body temperature and will give you the chills fairly quickly. Keep a warm water bottle in an insulated space such as a sock, hat, or backpack so you have the hydration you need without sacrificing precious body heat.

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Go for a run

If you are unable to stay inside to warm up or don’t have access to a warm water bottle, the next best thing is to go for a run. Professional runner Yishane Lee claims that running raises the body’s internal temperature by 20 degrees after about five minutes. If you choose to utilize this method, there are two important things to remember: try to run only on soft or fresh snow to avoid falling. The winter season is usually accompanied by wet snow and black ice, which can be hazardous to anyone who runs or walks across. Also remember to run in the same direction as the wind, as this will prevent your body from getting chills from the sweat you accumulate while running. #Christmas