Christmas is traditionally the holiday when families gather together, setting aside what differences they may have had, to embrace the spirit of peace and goodwill as they exchange gifts., feast, and otherwise commemorate the birth of the man who changed history over 2,000 years ago. However, according to Business Insider, the holiday has become the occasion for some people, disappointed in the outcome of the recent election, to take revenge on their relatives who backed Donald Trump.

The idea is to find a cause, say Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, or a pro-illegal immigration group, and donate money to it in the relative’s name. Take that, you Trump-loving so and so.

Gift giving is supposed to bring joy to the receiver and the satisfaction of giving joy to the giver. Revenge gifting, on the other hand, is meant to cause pain and consternation to the receiver and a sense of vengeance best-served cold to the giver.

Instead of that gift card or power tools, that uncle or grandmother who wants to make America great again is going to see money donated in their name to a cause they presumably find obnoxious.

On one level, the phenomenon is more than a little sad. On another level, it has every potential for causing an escalation. The disappointed Hillary voter might just get money donated in their name to the NRA, a pro-life group, or the 2018 Senate campaign of Ted Cruz.

Take that your ingrate Hillary-worshiping clown.

It is probably too late for people who want to use the holidays to vent their anger at how the election turned out. A number of Christmases are going to be ruined because some people cannot let go and remember that in a single lifetime, a lot of presidential elections are not going to go the way they wanted no matter what side of the political they happen to be on.

Many people had to grind their teeth in frustration in 2008 and 2012. Now it is time for other people to do the same in 2016. Perhaps an excellent New Year’s resolution would be to set the election and political disagreement aside and recognize that more important things exist, such as family than who occupies the Oval Office. After all, if opposing sides in World War I could leave off killing each other for just one day, so can we set politics aside as well.

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