Single women often say they are not married because they haven't found Mr. Right. Sometimes there is a short wait for Mr. Right. A Florida woman did not find her Mr. Right until she was 80-years-old, and he was 95. They actually found each other in a Miami nursing home.

Finding Mr. Right

Maria Teresa Cobar never married until she was 80-years-old because she never found Mr. Right until then. She did find her Mr. Right when Carlos Suarez moved across the hall from her in a nursing home. Suarez, a 95-year-old widower, connected with Cobar right away.

Maria said Carlos was worth waiting for. Eight months after meeting, they got married on November 10th in the dining hall of the Aventura Plaza Rehab and Nursing Center.

Everyone chipped in to make sure the Elderly couple had a nice wedding. The nursing home provided the location. The bride's daughter got the flowers and decorations. Employees surprised the couple with a mariachi band because they knew the couple loved to dance.

Maria wore a champagne colored dress with a white veil on her head. She held a bouquet of white flowers as she walked down the aisle for the first time in her life to join her groom, Carlos Victor Suarez, who was also wearing white.

The happy elderly couple now lives in the same room. They will leave the facility for the first time as a couple on Thanksgiving Day to spend time with Maria's daughter.

The elderly couple

Maria Cobar came to the United States from Guatemala when she was 26-year-old. She worked as a nanny and a housekeeper. Carlos Suarez came to the United States from Cuba 56 years ago. He became a widower in 2006. Maria had been living at the nursing home since 2009.

After Carlos moved into the nursing home, he and Maria immediately became attracted to each other. Maria took him on a tour of the facility. The two began doing arts and crafts and other activities together. Besides loving to dance, the couple also like to watch television and the sunset together. They became so close that other residents began calling them love birds.

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