Warby Parker, known for designer-quality frames without the designer price tag, partnered with Leith Clark to create a romantic fall collection.

Leith Clark x Warby Parker

For those of you who don't know, Leith Clark (stylist, editor, and founder of LulaandViolet magazines) has launched five new frames (and brought back an old favorite).This isn't the first time Clark has partnered with Warby Parker. In 2013 Clark and Warbycollaborated together(remember the Marva? The Aurora?) for a vintage inspired collection.

"I like the 1970s. I miss River Phoenix. I like Diane Keaton as Annie Hall, antique Russian sewing chatelaines...[and] bookish girls," says Clark.

Like last time, a percentage of the proceeds will go to Girl Up, the United Nations Foundation's campaign that encourages girls to raise awareness and supports UN programs around the world. And for those of you who were fans of the Wednesday, well that's been brought back too.

The 2016collection holds true to some of Clark's pastvintage inspiration, but feels more whimsical and delicate in Design.

With these frames the wow-factor is in the smallest details, from exposed screws to beautiful filigree.Check them out while they last.At $145 a pair, these frames are elegant and affordable.

The Warby Parker Mission

Warby Parker,foundedin 2010, promised to bring affordable eyewear to consumers in a market where frames can be up to $400 (and that's not including the cost of prescription lenses). Hoping to rectify this issue, Warbyis a vertically integrated company-- meaning that glasses are designed in-house and there are no middle men (saving the customer money in the long-term).Most frames range around $95, and you get the bonus of knowing that for every pair of glasses you buy, a pair is distributed to someone in need through partnerships with non-profits like VisionSpring.

Where is Warby Parker?

With locations already established in 18 states and one in Ontario, Warby has plans to continue their brick-and-mortar expansion over the next few years. But if you don't have time to stop by the store (or live outside of those 18 states), don't worry. Warby Parker has a solution for that too.

Ontheir site you can order an at home try-on kit. Just choose the frames you like the most (you can choose up to five), enter your address, and Warby will deliver the frames.

Once you've decided which ones are your new glasses, you can go online and order a fresh pair, package up the try-on kit, and send it back.Can't decide which ones you like? No worries. Use #warbyhometryon on social media and Warby will provide comments and suggestions on which pair best suits you.

Check it out

If you're a fan of Warby's business model,thencheckout Harry's. Warby co-founder Jeff Raider partnered with AndyKatz-Mayfieldto bring the same model to shaving.

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