America keeps taking the hits as footage of the anti-Donald Trump protests are aired world wide. Turkey has issued a Travel warning for its citizens planning to go to the USA, citing the protests as a factor according to ABC News. Where does the USA go from here? That's a matter for "News" and "Opinion" pieces. In this "Lifestyle" article, I'll highlight some Canadian travel options that travelers should definitely consider.

Late fall and winter travel in Canada is cheap

Just so you know where I'm coming from I've worked for years in hospitality, including in management, and I've written numerous travel guides (Western Canada in Less Than a Month).

If there was ever a time to get cheap travel prices then the late fall and winter are the times to do it. Budget travelers will want to avoid Christmas-time travel (avoid December 23rd to January 2nd) for certain, but other than that basically the whole country dips for tourism at this time of year. You might think that resort towns that have ski hills are still in high demand, but those towns are actually much more popular in the summer months still. Saturday night is different in those towns, but otherwise things can be pretty quiet.

Canada, in the weeks ahead, isn't likely to offer the gentle winter climate that you find in the southern parts of the United States. However, the Canadian Rockies remain a jewel that can compete with any tourist destination in the world. The Albertan resort towns of Jasper and Banff are two that I worked at earlier points in my life. The prices for hotel rooms dip at this time of year considerably compared to the summer.

Banff is the bigger town of the two, making Jasper the choice for someone who prefers it quiet. The former is accessible most easily from Calgary (YYC) while the latter is accessible most readily from Edmonton (YEG).

Admittedly, I'm a bigger fan of western Canada than the east. Other highlights out west include Vancouver, Whistler (1.5 hours north of Vancouver by highway), and Tofino on Vancouver Island.

The latter destination does not have a ski hill, however winter storm watching on the west coast is popular. For those that want to explore the road less traveled, Haida Gwaii is where most people never get to - even western Canadians.

Canadian dollar is low

But regardless of where you go in Canada the weak Canadian dollar relative to the American dollar should help out any tourist immensely. According to, one American dollar equated to $1.35 CAD at time of writing. For the Brits out there, one British pound buys 1.71 CAD but only 1.26 USD. That's not a great exchange rate for Canadians looking to travel abroad, however it is a favorable rate for those in the opposite position.

Common methods of travel in western Canada include air, rail, and highway. The main airlines out west our Air Canada and West Jet, while VIA Rail and Rocky Mountaineer are your rail companies. Greyhound is basically your only bus line with loads of connection points while BC Ferries gets you to Vancouver Islander or to Haida Gwaii.

Besides a low Canadian dollar, there are no dangerous sharks, Zika doesn't originate here, and there's no Donald Trump protesters either. For those facing travel warnings, I would think that Canada would be an attractive option at this point in time as the states sorts out the aftermath of Donald Trump's campaign.

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