Black Friday bargains set shop-a-holics aflame with all they desire to feed their passion for striking a bargain. It also brings out the fraudsters and the thieves also come out to play. All across the world, Police have issued warnings. The Black Friday bargains started in America but have spread afar as Gibraltar, South Africa, the UK, Asia, and Oceania and it seems, almost everywhere else on the planet. Police have to warn the public and beef up their patrols. Even in the USA where there is unprecedented hatred for the Police when it comes to camping out on the sidewalks and safeguarding purchases as shoppers travel around with their goods, the Police are welcomed as a necessary presence by the law abiding.

Many Police authorities have gone onto Twitter and wished everybody a safe shopping experience while many more have issued warnings about theft both online and in the shops and queues themselves.

Canada Police warnings for Black Friday

In Calgary, the Police suggested on Twitter that shoppers use Tap Payment as a secure method of transacting.

UK warnings about online scams

It seems that in the UK the Police focus on theft and online fraud as both the Cheshire and Staffordshire Police went with a 'Think before you Click' shopping campaign.

However, they will also be targeting real life, real criminals - especially shoplifters, as advertised by Longton Police.

Scotland Police are also targeting online scams, especially emails advertising free prizes.

The North West Motorway Police used the opportunity to advise people to buy good lights for their cars due to bargain prices, so they can see and be seen.

Really out there different warnings

Gibraltar - literally a rock in the ocean is also prepared for Black Friday and Cyber Monday crime.

Believe it or not, this small community also has shopping madness pre-Christmas - although to be fair to that population, the warnings also focus on cyber crime.

In the USA Hingham, MA Police went for a drink driving warning. They reminded people not to drink and drive the night before or they might miss Black Friday shopping bargains.

Meanwhile, In South Africa, the Police did not issue too many social media warnings, they just deployed in force to shopping centers and banks.

Robbery, highjacking,and other such criminal activities rank high in the crime list in South Africa all the time, so Black Friday places even more pressure on them. Their Twitter post was about personal safety tips rather than warnings about pickpocketing and cyber crime.

Perth Police in Western Australia issued best wishes that everyone would have a safe shopping experience. Being ahead of so much of the rest of the world time zones, BlackFriday is already over them. They reported after the event that arrests had been made.

The ultimate example of Black Friday madness

Walmart is considered the most hectic Black Friday experience and Police turn out in force to control the crowds and try to prevent theft.

Watch the video below for the wildest example of shopping frenzy on the planet.

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