Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to gather, bond, and indulge in turkey with all the trimmings. Customs and traditions of the season are created within your own circle that makes memories linger. Traditions are what you make of them and vary with each family and community throughout America and other parts of the world.

Varying traditions and customs in America

Customs do not have to be traditional and in some areas of America, families choose to forego the traditional turkey dinner for something more unique to their heritage, like eating a special Italian or Chinese meal.

Being that this is a holiday to be thankful for your own blessings in life, some choose to donate their time to the less fortunate in the form of helping at a soup kitchen or passing out food to those without and for the homeless. This is the meaning of the season, to make a difference and be grateful for your own abundance.

This is the busiest time of year for travelers as many families plan a trip to spend time with loved ones in other areas of the nation. Whatever the plans, being together with family and close friends makes the day special.

You may even choose to all meet somewhere exotic to ensure the time together creates beautiful and lasting memories for years to come.

Traditions around the World

Every nation and country of people have a unique way of spending the Thanksgiving holiday with their own customs. In the United Kingdom, the holiday starts off with one of the most well-known and oldest festivals, the harvest festival. It began in churches where they are decorated along with presenting all home-grown products.

Korea has a similar festival known as the Chu Suk. It not only celebrates the abundance of crops but also provides special respect for their elderly. Family members who have passed away are also honored at their grave sites. Canada celebrates their Thanksgiving in October on the second Monday of the month. This is due to their celebration of the harvest which falls in a different month than in the USA and other countries.

Whatever the traditions of the Thanksgiving holiday worldwide, the importance of the season is the close network of friends, family and important people in your life. It is not about the bird on the table. Create your own unique traditions for years of memories, but do them surrounded by those who mean the most to you.

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