Thanksgiving is a holiday where everyone gathers around a turkey and stuffing, pumpkin pie, and cranberries. But for some people where the job doesn't end, astronauts in outer space who are unable to return home for the special day will celebrate the holiday in the International Space Station (ISS). They will celebrate Thanksgiving and work at the same time thanks to the rations and food provided for the astronauts from NASA.

Messy holiday in space

While the astronauts that are in space range from a total of six crew members, only two of the crew members are American.

The other four are from other countries. However, putting aside culture differences, these people will gather around the center of ISS and eat the Thanksgiving meal zero-gravity style, after work of course. Shane Kimbrough, one of the American astronauts, shared in a video online that showed her other American colleague and her French and Russian counterparts will take this holiday to talk about what Thanksgiving means in other cultures and what everyone is thankful for. Of course, some of the ingredients will range in dehydrated pouches and overeating isn't allowed on the space station.

The drinks provided will be packets of sweet tea because alcohol is forbidden on the ISS.

Thanksgiving Tradition

Thanksgiving has been celebrated in space since 1973, according to a TIME magazine. The Thanksgiving holiday has been created and celebrated after the last of the Apollo missions. The American holiday was shared and celebrated since the first American astronauts Commander Gerald Carr, scientist Edward Gibson, and pilot William Pogue ran a three man team for Skylab, the first American station.

While it was a challenge for celebrating the holidays up in space, the development of the food for astronauts showed a great change in how people eat on ISS today. Getting a turkey or any meat products up there was a challenge. Meat tubes were unappealing and when freeze-dried turkeys were sent in space, they were often dehydrated because there were no ovens in the first space station at the time.

But as more and more ways and technology have improved the types food, packets of gravy infused turkey meat have been a staple of the Thanksgiving tradition.

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