Target CEO Brian Cornell defends people doing their Black Friday shopping online as actually being a benefit to stores.

Online sales prove a safer alternative to Black Friday shopping

Black Friday, while not an official holiday in itself, is traditionally the day after Thanksgiving, and is traditionally marked as the start of the Christmas shopping season in the United States, although similar occurrences have been adopted in other countries. As a promotion, stores often offer deals with their products, leading to infamously busy, and reportedly violent, shopping days.

Over the years, making Black Friday purchases online, making use of the same discount promotions, has become a growing trend, as it not only allows for the convenience offered by online shopping, but can prove to be safer and more productive, amid horror stories of people being hurt during Black Friday sales in stores.

That said, online shopping has often been labeled negatively as damaging to physical stores, as it takes away from their Business and is particularly harmful for workers who are paid by commission.

However, Target CEO and Chief Executive Brian Cornell released a statement that businesses can actually benefit from online Black Friday sales.

How the Target CEO broke down online shopping

Cornell explained that the most important thing, in his opinion, was to make things as easy as they can for the customer, and that websites and stores simply cannot “compete with each other.”

According to Cornell, however, both alternatives have their own benefits.

Online shopping allows for shoppers to be more relaxed and be made aware of available discounts and sales, which in turn generates sales. Brick-and-mortar stores, however, still have the benefit of inspiring extra-impulse purchases, which are instigated when people go to the physical store to pick up their purchases. Additionally, reports indicate that while Target is still offering sales in store, they are still becoming a rarity, due to the popularity of online shopping.

In the end, however, Cornell felt that “we win” when shoppers make use of a physical store, despite taking pride in the online divisions of the store.

Moody’s retail analyst Charlie O’Shea also made similar comments on online shopping during the Black Friday promotion, saying that stores need to be “agnostic” when dealing with comparing their online and retail purchases. O'Shea had similarly believed that stores are "really getting it now" when combining the benefits of both platforms.

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