Priyanka Chopra is a girl from India who won the Miss World title and then became a celebrity Bollywood star. She has now leapfrogged into Hollywood and the TV serial "Quantico". Priyanka is now at no 8 in the Forbes list of highest paid TV stars in the world.

Priyanka adopts a dog

Priyanka loves pets. This is a trait peculiar to her as Indians generally are not pet lovers. Recently she has taken a pet dog into her house. This is not her first dog pet as she already has another dog who was christened Brando. The new dog is a female and has been named Diana.

Priyanka and big cats

The new dog was brought to her swanky apartment in New York.

Priyanka has always loved Animals. Once she visited the Ranch Zoo and was enamored with a tiger. She forthwith agreed to sponsor the tiger and now the entire tab is picked up by her. A year later she also adopted a lioness from the Munda zoological park at Ranchi and reportedly sent a check for Rs 2 lakh for her upkeep. The zoo director has confirmed receipt of the check. Tigers, apart from being the pride of India are an endangered species. This step by Priyanka will help in conservation of tigers,

Priyanka had a fixed drill with Brando her earlier pet . The dog would accompany her in the lift to her car and see her off. The house maid who took the dog would bring Brando back once she left. Brando is back in India and now Priyanka has taken the she-dog Diana to her apartment in New York.

Last word

Priyanka Chopra at 34 is a 'bachelor' girl. There are rumors of her being romantically involved with her co-star of "Quantico" Season 2. To her credit it must be stated that the Gossip magazines have not reported on her involvement romantically with anybody in Bollywood. There was a brief fling with Shahid Kapoor and earlier with Akshay Kumar but they fizzled out.

Priyanka is one of the few Indian actresses who keeps pets or sponsors tigers and lions in zoological parks.This is a plus point in her character. Not many will use their money to sponsor wild life in zoological parks.

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