Toys are usually regarded as being intended for children but animals—especially cats and dogs—can also benefit from playthings. Robotic toys such as the "nano bots" from HEXBUG and several OWI and Thames & Kosmos models have proven to hold feline interest as well as human; recently Prime Time Toys entered this realm when they released a new line of toy birds called “Zippi Pets” that use innovative motion-sensor technology. The birds remain controllable even while they are flying through the air and all user has to do is hold their palm out under the toy and it will follow the hand’s movements.

Unsurprisingly, while these toys are geared toward children, they also hold a lot of appeal to pets, especially cats.


Zippi Pets are colorful and interactive robotic birds that tweet, chirp, sing and fly. The birds are infused with motion sensors that are programmed to hover above hands. Uses must tap the birds head once to “wake” it and twice to hear it sing. When you tap the bird a third time, it will fly into the air and twirl and whirl several feet off the ground. Each Zippi Pet comes with a rechargeable USB cord rendering batteries unnecessary.Overall, the product works exactly as advertised and is sturdier than it looks noting that while it might occasionally crash to the ground, it won’t break.

The cutting-edge motion sensor technology is typical of Prime Time Toys which has been interested in tech-savvy toys since their launch in 1994. Although the company now sells over fifty items, including numerous original brands such as Splash Bombs and Dart Zone, Zippi Pets are especially appealing since they are largely gender-neutral and have a surprising appeal for cats as well as kids.


Despite being a relatively small company of approximately thirty employees, Prime Time Toys has made a mark on the toy industry, especially in reference to spring and summer outdoors items.

They pride themselves on being keen to embrace new ideas and frequently work with outside inventors. They are currently preparing to expand their wares in 2017. “We have ideas for many new items,” said Bryan Sturtevant, the National Sales Manager of Prime Time Toys. “Right now we have three hummingbird models in the Zippi Pets line but that might expand soon. For instance, we’re discussing adding another bird or even a bumblebee.” Their next big event—where they will be showcasing Zippi Pets—will be their presence at the New York Toy Fair that is scheduled to occur between February 19 and 22, 2017.

The company will also be launching an updated and enhanced website early on in the year.

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