Some men grow beards in the month of November to bring awareness to cancer and to raise funds to support cancer prevention, cancer research and cancer education. A lot of men give up shaving in the "No Shave November" month-long event. That's a worthwhile project for November, but men who keep their beards longer in time for the holiday can decorate them with Christmas ornaments. A festive trend is helping men transform their faces by decorating their beards like people decorate their Christmas trees.

Beard ornaments

Men can decorate their beards by hanging small Christmas ornaments from them. It will make them look a little more festive during the upcoming holiday season. There are so many ways for men to spruce up their beards. They can choose all one color bulbs as seen in the photo above this article. They can be multi-colored ornaments as seen in the tweet below. The video shows ways men can decorate their beards.

Ways to display long beard

There have been contests for the longest beard throughout the years.

There are fashion shows just for beard designs. There are even accessories on the market that can be bought specifically for beards to be worn all year long. The Christmas decorations are obvious just for the Holidays.

Decorations on men's beards will definitely get a lot of attention, but there are some disadvantages to this trend. Unless men are their own bosses, they probably won't be able to wear a decorated beard to work.

It might be hard to sleep with the ornaments clicking against each other and making a noise. However, if you look at the pictures, you will see the ornaments are spread apart so they are not touching each other. Women have voiced their opinion about ornaments on their men's beards. Some women say they won't kiss a man with ornaments on their beards. Men can handle this easily by choosing small and less cumbersome ornaments and by not placing them close to his lips.

Men can choose to abstain from kissing while wearing ornaments in their beards.

There is a buyer for everything. One company reported that it had sold out its beard ornaments already long before Christmas. If men see beard ornaments or small Christmas tree ornaments in stores, they should grab them. They could surprise their friends and family for Christmas even if they wear them only once.

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