Like many of us, the tradition leads to order a big turkey and prepare it with curry, stews and sandwiches. According to the National Turkey Federation, about 50 million turkeys were roasted for the Thanksgiving feast of last year. Definitely, this is the most well-known feast of United States after Christmas.

Obviously, this is also the period when major retailers start their sales campaign previous to the end of their economic year in the eight-week space including December, that can make a blow on budgets.

We have all seen the different Black Friday Countdown ads and many of us will be eager to buy a lot of stuff.

Last year, the holiday culminated in over $30 billion spent online around United States, developing a 9% increase compared to the Black Friday in the 2014. In fact, Black Friday 2014 saw almost $2 billion in desktop online sales, among other things that included shoes and clothing.

In 2015 almost eighty million Americans visited online retail places on Black Friday representing an increase of 14% compared to the last previous year.

What are the product with the best deals in Black Friday?

Although most of products have bid discount rates on Black Friday, always there are some of them that are cheaper that normally do. This includes: gadgets, TV’s, clothing, toys, video games and DVDs. That's not all, there are also sensational prices for champagne and food; even, there are amazing discounts in flights and tourist packages.

What tips can I give you to have an amazing Black Friday?

Among the different steps of common sense you may take into consideration for making shopping, here I give you some tips for doing your best Black Friday.

Don’t buy buying

Before Thanksgiving, make a price comparison about the products you are watching across multiple Black Friday advertisements. Reputed stores like Best Buy and Amazon have designed their ads easily accessible on their websites.

Once you discover a deal you are interested for, search for a similar product in other stores; maybe there are even better deals. Use this strategy to rate the store among other references.

Make a good shopping plan on Black Friday

Many stuff is in high demand and the shortage is imminent, so in order to avoid this, go to the store so early as you can because the long tails are typical in this date. You will require long walk steps to get in there first.

Buy online preferably

Regarding the previous point, if you see the deal published online, it is better you shop it instantly because you won’t want to fight with the other bunch of people looking for the same product in the real store.

Choose cyber deals to tap low prices without fighting the crowds.

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