Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time when you gather with family to stuff yourself silly with Turkey and then pass out on the couch watching football. It is also meant to be a time of giving thanks for all the good fortune that has occurred in the previous year, as did our pilgrim fathers did in days of yore. But 2016 is no ordinary year. A lot of people, because of the election, do not think they have anything to be thankful for and are keen to inflict their disquiet on their relatives over Thanksgiving table.

According to the Washington Post, something called Showing Up for Racial Justice has provided a hotline for the vexed millennial or other progressive when confronted by a conservative relative. Mainly, when Uncle John or Granny Sally is unresponsive to appeals to their sense of shame for having voted for Donald Trump, the hotline will provide talking points on a variety of subjects.

Most people who belong to a mixed political family, i.e. one that has both liberals and conservatives in it, have one of two choices.

They can cause conflict by endlessly airing grievances about why Trump is a sexist/racist/homophobe who will bring the country into ruin or how Hillary Clinton is a monster who will lie as easily as she breathes and will crush anyone, even a 12-year-old rape victim, who stands in her way. Or they can decide that long-standing familiar relationships are more important than turning the Thanksgiving dinner table into a Twitter flame war and will talk about something else.

It may come strange coming from someone who writes about politics for a living and who sneers at the idea of safe spaces, but it is nice to think that occasions can exist, like Thanksgiving, where the election and the latest outrage to come out of Washington can be set aside. Gossip about absent family members, Discuss the latest movie or concert. Talks sports. But let’s leave off the fact that your college student niece is a whiney snowflake who needs to suck up the fact that Hillary is not going to be the first woman president or that Grandpa can’t see how much a disaster Trump will be through the fog of his white privilege for another time.

Family is all and eternal. All politics is fleeting, as anyone who used to argue about Vietnam and Watergate can attest to.

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