Doyou always exaggerate when buying candies and once Halloween is over your house is still full of treats? From creating delicious desserts to improving Christmas gifts, using a little imagination, you can find many things to do with them (besides eating straight from the jar). You will see.. Leftover Halloween Candyis about tobe a trick up your sleeve.

Make hot cocoa

Winter is here! What a better way to warm up than by drinking hot cocoa? Milky Way and Reese’s are just a few types of candy that taste great in a cup.

Just substitute a part (or entirely) of the chocolatein your favorite hot cocoa recipe with the chosen candy. You’ll never be doing the basic recipe again.

Take them to work

If the candies are too tempting to leave at home, take them to the office. You can share with your coworkers and recharge your energy when you feel drained. Besides, it's always good to save something sweet in your desk drawer for tough days.

Bake some cookies

It’s holiday season! And this means it’s cookie season too! Add pieces of your favorite candy to a basic cookie dough and voilá!

Here are some option that never go wrong on cookies: gummies, M&M’s and candy corn!

Make a donation

There are several associations that accept candy donations. Some of them are children’s or troop-support charities. If you can’t find any location to drop off the candies close by, you can always mail them to a foundation.

Decorate gifts

Let’s not forget that Christmasis around the corner! You can always use Halloween candyas an extra decoration on your gifts.

Arrange them in a small jewelry bag and tie itto the gifts or make decorations sticking them directly to presents. The kids are going to love it!

Use as ice cream topping

So simple and, at the same time, so delicious! Let your creativity flow: mix gummies, candy corns, Skittles and even some chopped Kit Kat or Twix to add crunchiness and put on top of your ice cream. If you have guests for dinner, this could be a great dessert.

Serve the candies in different containers and make a “self-service” ice cream buffet. They will love it!

Decorate your Christmas tree

Why not? Halloween candiesare colorful, small and lightweight! This year, you can make edible decorations for your Christmas tree and let the kids eat the treats after opening the gifts. In this case, it’s safer to use wrapped candies, so they don’t stay exposed.

Bake some brownies

Imagine biting into a chewy brownie and coming across some pieces of Milky Way or Snickers. Amazing, right? That’s how your brownies will come out if you add pieces of candy to the dough.

To make those, you can add chopped candies to your favorite recipe or - easier - to a brownie mix.

These are just a few ideas. There are many other things you can do with leftover Halloween candy! And in case your candy is alreadyover, you can always buy more to get creative with.

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