Black Friday is a day that most shoppers look forward to as a kick-off to some serious Christmas shopping. As the years pass, the season is pushed up to the point where the shopping craze starts early, often on Thanksgiving Day. Eat your turkey, skip the dessert and you can be off to grab those deals as soon as mid-afternoon on Thursday. So, how did the Black Friday tradition start?

How Black Friday got its start

After you take the last bite of your Thanksgiving turkey, realization sets in that Christmas will quickly be coming.

The hustle and bustle all starts with the infamous Black Friday, which begins the day following Thanksgiving, the holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. Although the term was not common until the 2000s, the event got its start the day after the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade back in the 1920s. Black refers to how stores would move from red to black. Accounting was done by hand “back in the days of yore, ” and red ink was used to indicate a loss, with black used as a profit.

Retailers revel in the profits as buyers search for bargains on Black Friday

Black Friday and deals go hand in hand for shoppers but present dollar signs for many retailers nationwide. Many of those stores offer online deals and in-store promotions as early as Thanksgiving Day to entire greater sales. Some retailers even draw in customers days or even weeks before the holiday. Some doorbuster deals on this special shopping day are so small that profits are minimal.

However, once the customers enter the store, there are other offers the consumer can’t refuse.

A few retailers use a different tactic of holding off on their ads for the day until the latest moment to create a buzz amongst the most eager customers. Although many consumers love the hustle and bustle of the day, many choose to shop online without the crowds and traffic. Additionally, you know right away if your gift idea is available without running everywhere to find them.

Black Friday has also presented some violence among consumers with injuries and deaths while fighting for the absolute bargain. Whether you opt to do your shopping online or look for bargains in your favorite stores, grab your door busters and deals as you look forward to a prosperous, happy, and healthy holiday season.

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