Imagine you're out for a day of lovely ice-skating at one of Japan's newest attractions known as Freezing Port. It is located in the Spaceworld Theme Park. So as you're gliding happily along to the music, the tip of your skates hit something bumpy. Knowing that the floors of ice skating rinks are regularly shaved to keep them nice and smooth, you take a closer at the decorative artwork on the floor and are horrified to realize that it is not art, but something all too real. This was the situation that faced multitudes of visitors to Spaceworld when they discovered that creatures from the sea had been used to dial up the shock factor of the theme park more than a few notches.

A little too close for comfort

What fun seekers found was that actual sea animals had been frozen into the floor of the ice skating rink. The creatures included shellfish like crabs and others, as well a variety of colorful gill fish. Freezing Port opened as a special attraction just for the winter season and, according to the operators, were drawing rave crowds. Even though Spaceworld's Facebook page was filled with graphic advertisements showing pictures of fish over captions reading "I'm suffocating," Spaceworld representatives maintain that people came in droves until social media backlash hit them with a fury.

Fast-frozen creatures put the brakes on new attraction

Many tourists came to skate at Freezing Port out of morbid fascination and the same type of curiosity that drives millions to the box office to see gruesome horror movies every Halloween.

They wanted to almost dare themselves to see if they could stomach skating over and around wide-eyed fish with their mouths frozen forever open. Many of them could, but once the initial thrill of a new attraction began to wear off, fragments of humanity came flooding back in. Spaceworld received an overwhelming amount of complaints about the rink.

In an interview with CNN yesterday, Toshimi Takeda, manager of the theme park, confirmed that the ice rink would be shut down immediately and wanted everyone to be aware that the fish and crabs were dead before they were frozen to the floor. He said once the rink thaws out, the sea creatures will be used for fertilizer, but only after they are given "a proper religious service."

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