This Thanksgiving holiday, astronauts from the International Space Station (also known as ISS) will be celebrating a traditional feast in space.

Who is up in space on Turkey Day?

Only two of the astronauts are reportedly American in origin: Shane Kimbrough and Peggy Whitson. That said, according to a released statement, however, they will be sharing the tradition with their French and Russian colleagues. The three Russian astronauts involved are Sergey Ryzhikov, Andrei Borisenko, and Oleg Novitskiy, with the French colleague being Thomas Pesquet.

Normally, NASA astronauts would take off for the holiday, but reports indicate that this year they had a conflict in interest with their work schedule, which will involve installing a new centrifuge in the Cell Biology Experiment Facility.

How will they celebrate Thanksgiving in space?

The six crew-members will join together within the Zvezda Service Module where they will celebrate their holiday dinner. The meal will consist of traditional offerings, including turkey, green beans, cornbread dressing, candied yams, and mashed potatoes.

Strawberries and cherry-and-blueberry cobbler are to be used as a dessert. As wine is forbidden to be used on the craft, the astronauts will be drinking tea with sugar, a tradition reportedly instigated by Atlanta native Kimbrough.

However, there will be some differences to the common American celebration on Earth. For starters, the food has been freeze-dried and dehydrated, meaning the crew-members will have to add water in order to prepare it.

That said, the food is said to taste just as good as the food prepared at home. In addition, in spite of the stereotype of people overindulging themselves for the holiday, the food has been portion-controlled.

Beyond just celebrating with food, mission control will reportedly also live-stream American football matches for the crew-members to watch.

In addition, Pesquet will also read a story to children on Earth through the use of a live-streaming video, as part of the "Story Time from Space" project.

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