Sometimes it amazes me to see how much Youtube has grown over the past ten years and how many amazing Youtube celebrities who were able to flourish along with it. Unfortunately, with the rapid growth of Youtube, comes to the rapid growth of trolls. You know, the ones who hide behind a screen to insult people. It’s needless to say how harmful these people have become, especially the ones who choose to insult other users for their opinions, their looks and their personality, instead of commenting in a respectful manner.

What’s even worse is that female Youtubers especially get the brunt of it, especially with demeaning comments regarding gender stereotypes. However, instead of letting it slide, Lilly Singh, known as "llSuperowmanll" on Youtube, instead challenged the trolls head on and spends an amazing five minutes roasting sexist people in her video. Since its’ upload a couple days ago, her video has been trending all over Youtube and consequently the internet.

Lilly “Superwoman” Singh to the Rescue

Singh has always been breaking down gender stereotypes from the beginning.

First starting her channel in October 2010, this Canadian Youtube personality, vlogger, comedian, actress and rapper has over ten million subscribers and is one of the highest paid Youtube stars in the world. Recognized for her video "How Girls Get Ready" and her most popular series featuring her fictional parents, Paramjeet and Manjeet (both played by Singh) reacting to trending videos, Singh exudes natural wit and sharp humor paired with a sunny smile.

And she does just that in her video "How to Make A Sandwich". She starts off the video noting that she usually doesn’t respond to trolls, but after seeing a misogynistic comment saying that women aren’t funny and asking her to make a sandwich (with terrible spelling), she decided to make a video to roast sexist trolls once and for all while making an actual sandwich.

The Sandwich Process

“Please note that I am using fresh ingredients, to make up for your expired thought process,” she cheerily says at the start of the video.

It only gets better from there. With lots of quips about the male anatomy to the ongoing frustration of gender inequality, Singh knows how to hit where it hurts, literally. Also, she really does make an amazing salami-cheese sandwich. And after she makes her sandwich, she ends the video, holding a mug of water. “Pour yourself a nice big glass of ice cold water to help with your newly obtained burns."

The path to achieving gender equality is still a long one, but with Singh and many other people’s efforts, it may come sooner than we think and that would honestly be the best for everyone.

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