For most people, the only danger to come on Thanksgiving will be the risk of heart burn brought on by too muck turkey and stuffing and the millennial home from college with a basket for of resentment over the election of Donald Trump. But, as Fox News reminds us, some of the sailors on the USS Eisenhower, now on station in the Middle East, will mix their turkey and dressing with launching air strikes against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. Currently as motley coalition that includes the Iraqi Army, Kurdish fighters, and American special ops troops are conducting operations against that special man-made hell on Earth.

The United States Navy and Air Force are dropping precision bombs on ISIS fighters in support of said operations. The long war on terror does not stop simply because it is a holiday.

To be sure the Thanksgiving feast served on the Eisenhower is quite sumptuous, “consisting of 4,950 pounds of turkey, 1,050 pounds of ham, 1,200 pounds of beef, 648 pounds of shrimp, 7,000 portions of mashed potatoes, 400 pies, and 200 cheese cakes.” Not a bad meal for people who have to be in a war zone, away from family, though in a way the crew of a warship far from home is a special kind of family, bonded together by a shared experience.

Even considering the fact that ISIS has no air defenses to speak of, flying hundreds of miles and dropping bombs on an enemy such as they is no easy matter.

If any of the aviators of the Eisenhower were to find themselves on the ground in the Islamic State, their fates would be unspeakable. A Jordanian pilot who was unlucky enough to fall into the hands of ISIS was burned alive.

Lots of things exist to be thankful for, family, friends, good health, prosperity.

But perhaps one of the greatest things to be thankful for in the world is that people still exist who will venture into one of the most unsafe places on the planet to make war on one of the evilest enemies ever to confront civilization. Keep them in your prayers around your Thanksgiving table.

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