Black Friday is the traditional start of the holiday shopping season during which millions of Americans head to the mall to engage in combat over presents that won’t be given for another month, suggesting that people really don’t need to engage in fisticuffs over the latest smartphone or video game console. Business Insider reports that more and more shoppers have decided to eschew the annual holiday shopping wars for online ordering. pioneered the idea of online retail. The Seattle based company started by Jeff Bezos. Started as an online book store but has since branched out into almost every product imaginable, becoming, in effect, a retail outlet that dwarfs old fashioned department store in its reach and size.

In fact, brick and mortar department stores such as Walmart and Target have gotten the message and have rolled out their own mobile apps that allow for shopping in the comfort of one’s own home far from the maddening crowds.

Indeed, Thanksgiving has become a shopping day that rivals both Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the volume of online shopping. The idea is that Americans, stuffed with turkey and dressing, can start buying holiday presents while they recline semi-comatose on the couch in front of the football game on the big screen TV.

Then they can sleep in on Black Friday and not have to risk mayhem fighting over electronic toys.

Indeed, online ordering is likely to, eventually, make Black Friday as far as a frenzied shopping day created for the entertainment of the media a thing of the past. Why hop in the car, fight for a parking place at the mall, and then physically search for presents while being jostled by other shoppers doing the same thing when you can shop not until you dropped by after you have dropped?

Retail outlets are adapting by stretching the online sales period of Cyber Monday to other days of the week after Thanksgiving. As a result, sales from smartphones have climbed dramatically from years past. Some deals are now being created exclusively for the online shopping app, which will no doubt accelerate the trend away from physical shopping to the online variety.

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