With astronauts spending months on board the International Space Station, they often find themselves away from home during the holidays. How did the crew of the ISS spend #Thanksgiving? It turns out that the American crew members took the occasion to share the holiday tradition with their Russian and French crewmates with a feast that included turkey (rehydrated), stuffing, potatoes, green beans, and candied yams. The food was stored in plastic pouches and consumed out of them. The meal was washed down with sweet tea. So that food induced coma could not ensue, the portion sized were strictly consumed.

Dining in #Space has come a long way from the tube stored goop from the early days of the Apollo program.

In the future, astronauts on deep space missions may find their meals 3D printed and cooked from their component parts, in effect coming out of a crude replicator.

The Thanksgiving feast took place after a full day of work on the space station, according to Space.com. The astronauts spent the day before the feast running experiments and unloading cargo. American Shane Kimbrough installed a new centrifuge in the Cell Biology Experiment Facility. Just like servicemen and woman abroad, the astronauts did not leave off doing what they were there for.

After dinner, Kimbrough spent some down time watching North American football in the great tradition of the holiday.

One of the moving aspects of the space age is how explorers who venture into space bring their Earth-side customs to their new homes.

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The original Thanksgiving was celebrated on the edge of an unexplored continent by Pilgrim settlers and their Native American guests to commemorate the fact that they had persevered the first years of starvation and had, by that time, learned to prosper in the new world. It is only fitting that the same holiday is celebrated by modern pioneers, doing research on an orbiting laboratory beyond the Earth’s atmosphere at the edge of the vast, airless ocean.

In times to come, people who go to the moon and Mars to live out the rest of their lives will no doubt gather together on the last Thursday in November to give thanks that they too have embarked on a great adventure and have survived and prospered.