Have you ever dialed a wrong number or sent a text to the wrong person? If so, it probably didn't turn out with an ending as good as when an Arizona grandmother named Wanda Dench sent a text to the wrong teen. She was giving her family advanced notice about the upcoming Thanksgiving dinner she was hosting. However, a text ended on the phone of a non-relative.

Grandmother's text

Jamal Hinton from Phoenix received a text from an unknown phone number inviting him to Thanksgiving dinner. He accepted the text even though he thought it was weird coming from someone he didn't know.

Wanda's text sent to the 17-year-old stated that Thanksgiving dinner would be at her house. Hinton wondered when his grandmother learned to text. That was the first clue that the sender was not his grandmother. He requested a photo. Then Hinton knew for sure that the woman who sent the text was not his grandmother.

Hinton did something that most people would not have done. He asked the grandma if he could still get a plate. Wanda was gracious enough to tell Hinton that he could. She said feeding everyone is what grandmothers do.

Teen's invitation to dinner

Wanda figured out that she had meant to send the text to her grandson, 24-year-old Brandon Burgoyne. She sent it to his old telephone number because she didn't know he had recently changed his number.

Hinton was curious enough to meet Wanda in person. When he did, he found her to be a very sweet lady. The teenager, who attends Desert Vista High School, said he got a good vibe from her when they met. After meeting Hinton and finding out he was serious about getting a plate of her Thanksgiving dinner, Wanda invited Hinton's parents to join them so Jamal could still be with his family on Thanksgiving Day.

Text goes viral

Hinton posted screenshots of the text conversation on Twitter. Then other people began sharing the story. Now the posting has gone viral. More than 290,000 people have liked the tweet. Many people commented about how unique the situation turned out to be. Wanda had to change her telephone number because it was inadvertently left on Hinton's tweet. Since then, the grandmother has had over 650 requests from people who want to come to her Thanksgiving dinner.

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