Black Friday is upon us and the “bricks and mortar” and online stores await. The day can be extremely stressful if a plan isn’t in place for successful shopping. Don’t succumb to the fervor and chaos that often abounds on this day. Here are 5 tips for surviving your Black Friday shopping excursion:

Research and plan

This sounds like homework! For an efficient and profitable shopping day, it’s important to know where you’re going, and what you’re going after. Get those print ads out and onto your lap tonight after that big meal and study tomorrow’s deals.

Get online as well and search out the best deals at your favorite stores. Plan your travel route from store to store, mall to mall. Also, get an early start to make wise use of your time.

Be socially aware

Most top companies have a significant social presence on either Twitter, Facebook, or other social sites. Get to where they are on these portals and find out about tomorrow’s Sales and promotions. Preparation is the key here.

Furthermore, others on social sites can alert you to the best deals in your town.

Check the social networks out tonight and plan for Friday’s trip. If you come across a great deal, pass it on to others. Remember, it’s just as enjoyable to give as it is to receive and it puts some heart into Black Friday.


It’s not too late to set a spending limit on purchases for tomorrow. Sure, you want to find the best savings and buy items at a discount. The caveat is to not buy too much.

Don’t spend for the sake of spending because a deal looks too good. Consider if you really need the product, before plunking your cold cash or credit card down at the register.

Consider the many ways to save

Tomorrow’s the perfect day to organize the best savings options. Your goal? To secure the most savings you can. First, get the best sales price you can get.

Second, use any coupons, bonus points, and dollars off coupons available for your item.

Third, search out cash-back rebates. Finally check if the retailer has a price-match policy. This may get you some cash back if a competitor has a lower price before a certain date.

Be alert and wise

Unfortunately, unruly chaos and cacophony is a part of Black Friday. Be aware of this and be alert to unmannerly, selfish shoppers. If you’re in a store where pushing, shoving, arguing, and accusations abound - leave. Don’t put you and your family’s safety at risk.

If you feel uncomfortable waiting in long lines before a store opens, then shop online. Super deals, many even better than in-store ones, are on the top shopping websites.

Be wise on this day by understanding that trouble may occur. Try to avoid this shopping mayhem at retailers that don’t have adequate crowd control in place.

Black Friday doesn’t have to be overly stressful. Plan tonight for tomorrow’s trip to your favorite stores. Use the above 5 tips to make the day great because of well-planned shopping with a positive attitude.

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