Some places already have Christmas flavors on their menus, but fall is still here and we're still almost two weeks away from Thanksgiving. Avoid Christmas creep and enjoy the flavors of fall at Vivoli Gelato in Disney Springs. The popular Walt Disney World gelato shop has delicious seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice, apple pie, and tiramisu to tempt your taste buds with a sweet treat.

Natural, delicious gelato

Vivoli serves gelato and sorbet made from all natural ingredients, with a wide variety of flavors year 'round.

Silvana Vivoli, grandfather of the founder of Italy's original Vivoli Gelato shop, was on hand to chat about the flavors and the process of making gelato. You'll see her in the video below:

Conveniently located in Disney Springs

Even though it's autumn, with winter just around the corner, the weather in Florida is still closer to summer right now. That means gelato and sorbet is still a welcome treat when you're feeling the heat while strolling around Disney Springs. The Walt Disney World shopping and entertainment district is a popular spot to spend some time outside of the theme parks, and a refreshing scoop or two of gelato makes a a perfect treat while you're there.

You can even enjoy creations like specialty sundaes.

If you can't eat gluten or want some vegan options, there are plenty in the tempting freezer case. If frozen treats aren't your thing, Vivoli Gelato also has some baked goods and other Italian treats, including sodas.

Easy to find at Walt Disney World

If you'd like to try the special seasonal flavors at Vivoli Gelato, head over to The Landings in Disney Springs.

You'll find the shop nestled just across from the Boathouse restaurant. Grab some dessert and enjoy it while sitting near the water front and enjoying the ambiance.

It's easy to get to Disney Springs to enjoy some gelato, do some shopping, and enjoy entertainment options like bowling, a movie, or Cirque du Soleil. If you drive, there are two free parking garages. If you're staying at a Walt Disney World resort, just hop a bus from your hotel or take a boat if you're staying at Port Orleans or Saratoga Springs.

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