We have all heard the jokes, seen the parody's, and been carefully spoon fed the tall tales about Marijuana damaging the mind. The common caricature of some dimwitted underachiever living in his parent's basement, eyes at half mast, has been plastered time and time again upon the pages of pop culture lore. While admittedly humorous in some instances, the problem with such anti-pot propaganda is that it implies that those who enjoy the drug are actually damaging their minds by doing so. That is to say that it is not just a caricature that says that a "pothead" doesn't do anything with their life and/or mind, but that they can't due to some massive defect caused by usage.

This then begs the question, "Is this fact or urban legend?". Does casual - or even excessive - marijuana use lead to a damaging of the mind and the ability to think as clearly as a nonuser of equal intelligence?

To answer this question it takes only a cursory look at WebMD (a search so easy that it can be done stoned) where one can see that reliable studies have now proven that weed does not damage the mind. As a matter of fact, studies on marijuana and the mind showed no adverse effects whatsoever, to which "there's been a controversy for some years on whether long-term cannabis use causes brain damage," says lead researcher and psychiatrist Igor Grant, MD.(1)

Since laziness is also an accusation tossed at those that like to light up/eat up, let us dispel that myth as well by digging deeper, and looking up more studies.

We have the "Scientific American" (2) with an article showing “differences in the brains of users and nonusers, but it did not establish that marijuana use caused the variations or that they had any functional significance.", another article in "The Journal of Neuroscience" that says among other things that "does not in any way prove that casual marijuana use is bad for your brain.", and even proof from Fox News Health (hardly a bastion of pro-pot information) showing that smoking pot does not even hamper lung function (3) - which is also important for the brain.

The truth about Marijuana

The truth is that marijuana users had a lot to be high about on election night. For years the public has been spoon fed utter lies regarding pot's damage to the mind, the memory, and has been used as an excuse to lock up nonviolent offenders in a for-profit prison system that has neutered our nations Fourth Amendment. Likewise, users have been forced into costly treatment programs that they never needed, and millions have been taken by governments both local and federally from users who have done nothing wrong with a drug that is not harming their minds.

Thanks to the internet, people are waking up, and this was seen in the number of states that mandated changes to existing marijuana laws this past November 8th.

Marijuana, riots, and democracy

It is interesting to note that many of the rioters that have taken to the streets to protest a legitimate Trump victory and who are crying for socialism are overwhelmingly in favor of legalized marijuana. Since both Trump and the changes to weed laws came on the same night, and since it is democracy and not socialism that allow for such a change, the irony can not be over stated!

The simple fact is that the stigma that is associated with pot is not one that is earned but one that is - and has been for quite some time, now - thrust upon the drug by those in authority.

The reasons range from lack of research and knowledge to taxes and commerce. There may exist a lot of reasons to control who enjoys marijuana and why but one thing is for sure....it is not hurting the minds of its users. That is simple science.

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