The Black Friday sales may have ended but with that comes a whole new batch of Cyber Monday deals for 2016! An entire week of deals will be taking place online via many popular retailers or "e-tailers" including Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and of course, Amazon. The latter of these sellers will feature their own Cyber Monday deals week which includes televisions, video games, and Amazon's own line of popular gadgets such as e-readers, streaming media devices, and voice-interactive speakers. These items and more will be featured as part of the sales extravaganza.

Popular new gadgets on sale

Amazon has launched its own successful line of products over the years including Kindle e-readers, tablets, streaming media devices and the newest interactive speakers. These particular products were featured in the website's Black Friday promotions and will continue to be on special for Cyber Monday. The Amazon Fire TV will be on sale for $74.99, with the Fire TV Stick at just $29.99. The Amazon Voyage e-reader is priced at $169.99. Meanwhile, the Amazon Echo speaker is $139.99 and the Tap speaker will be $89.99.

Beyond Amazon's specific gadgets and gizmos, there are likely to be some other great deals to be had. For example, a Nest Cam indoor security camera will be just $163.98, and a Sonos PLAY 1 compact wireless speaker is $149.

Top Cyber TV deals

Television sets are all the rage each and every holiday shopping season. Sets are becoming bigger, flatter, bolder in terms of picture quality, and smarter in terms of features. As newer sets continue to emerge, sets that are maybe a year or so outdated drop in price. Amazon will have an "unnamed" model 50-inch 1080p LED TV for just $145 on Cyber Monday, while a 50-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV will be $249.99.

Remember, that brands will probably not be top names such as VIZIO or Samsung on these sets, but deals are still there.

As always, check out all the specifics on the television models being considered. While it could look like a great deal, there may be certain features lacking that just make it a tough sell. With that said, the deals mentioned are always likely to move fast, so it is also best to do that research quickly. For those shoppers on a laptop computer it may be best to keep another tab open and ready for a search, just in case.

Cyber Monday 2016 could very well offer some great deals that outdo those presented for Black Friday.

Will you be shopping online from the comfort of your home, or do you stick to sales in stores instead?

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