In the field of toys and games, Budsies is truly unique since the company designs plush toys based on specific designs submitted by users. Essentially, each toy is custom-made and personalized to fit an individual person’s preferences. Budsies was established in 2013 when founder Alex Furmansky decided to turn his little sister’s drawings into actual stuffed animals. “Michelle’s drawing of a goofy character she named ‘Dongler’ was the first Budsies plush ever made and he’s become the mascot at our headquarters,” Alex Furmansky explained and noted that he selected the company name by combing the words “plushie” and “buddy.”


Although other organizations such as Beverly Hills Teddy Bear and Mascot Factory offer custom plush toys, these brands have high minimum order quantities while Budsies' unique no-minimum process enables them to create a single custom plush for an individual consumer.

They are also able to offer a quantity of 20,000 for large corporate clients. To date, Budsies has created over 30,000 unique character models—most of which start out as simple sketches that develop into fully realized, detailed and high-quality stuffed toys. Budsies also offered “Selfies” which are plush toys rendered from photos of people. “They are up to 30 inches in size, huggable, and can come with a voice recorder so your plush boss can talk back to you,” Alex declared with a laugh. Their most recent series is titled “Petsies” and it is a line that is dedicated to the creation of Stuffed Animals that resemble beloved pets.

“Petsies are the most personal gift for every pet lover,” Alex stated. “We’ve seen people get Petsies for college kids who can’t bring their pets to school, military service members who can’t bring their pets on duty, and families who really miss their past pets. Whatever the purpose, each story is genuinely heartfelt and beautiful.”


Budsies has always let consumers guide their evolution. When the company first started, its focus was on crafting zany stuffed toys based on children’s drawings.

From there, the additional lines were formed due to consumer feedback and suggestions. “These days most of all Budsies are commissioned for adult artists, illustrators, brands, mascots, and furries,” Alex explained. “My favorite experiences at Budsies come from real customers sharing their heartfelt stories with us. Over the years, I’ve seen our plushies give a creative outlet to hundreds of children on every part of the autism spectrum.

When a father posted a video on our Facebook wall showing his daughter opening her collection of Budsies before exploding into tears of joy, not a single person on our team had a dry eye. We re-post everyone’s stories on our website.” Budsies currently has big plans for the future; Alex fully intends to continue bringing awesome and unique stuffed toys to the world and is excited for 2017.

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