Crayola is at the forefront of the kids’ art market and, in anticipation of the forthcoming holiday season, they are offering a number of items that aim to instill a love of creativity in kids. Although Crayola continuously offers their iconic crayons and markers, they have also dreamed up an array of cool new offerings for the latter half of 2016.Despite competition from Cra-Z-Art and ALEX Brands, Crayola remains the most trusted name for children’s art supplies and they are actively seeking to upkeep their reputation into 2017.


Among Crayola's most impressive new releases is their “Air Marker Sprayer” airbrush system that works with their classic markers and creates professional-looking outputs on paper that can appeal to grown artists as well as children. The "Emoji Maker" is essentially a stamping system that enables kids to decorate paper with images of emojis that can be colored in sixteen markers that enable kids to create custom hues. This kit has so far proven successful with older kids and tweens which is unsurprising noting the overall popularity of emoji-themed items like Fun 2 Play’s Emojiez.

The “Color Spinout”—which is akin to swirl art using markers instead of paint—is good for the same age range and girls who enjoy lines such as Tech 4 Kids Gemmies will be partial to Crayola’s “Jewelry Maker” sets. “Customization is important for girls this age,” said Crayola representative Erika Merklinger. “They believe that being unique and expressing themselves is important and our jewelry kits enables them to express themselves by experimenting with color style to show off who they are to the world.” For smaller children, the illuminated and no-mess “Sand Scribbler” is both entertaining and even soothing.


Although Crayola has a range of items available this holiday season, it is the “Crayon Factory” that is definitely one of the most interesting new offerings. Essentially, the “Crayon Factory” enables kids to safely melt-down crayons to create multi-colored crayons. “Crayola haslaunched a few items like this in the past,” Erika Merklinger explained. “However, this is the best yet. It allows for kids to take all those bits and pieces of crayons laying around the house and turn them into new crayon shapes.

It’s also relatively mess-free which parents appreciate.” The set is designed to be very easy to use and it comes with molds—shaped like cars, dogs, hearts and more—so the newly minted and uber-colorful crayons are also visually appealing. Given the quality of the current offerings, Crayola will certainly be a brand to watch into 2017 and beyond.

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